Need a place to meet with friends, have a private party or exercise your right brain in a relaxed 
environment? Claim your creativity in your home, office or special event!

FREE       Every 10th session is free so join us once or as many times as you like for a new and different experience each time.

BRING       Just come as you are and wear comfortable clothes. We accept cash and check but are working on accepting credit cards any day now . You may 
                       also provide refreshments.  Find your talent in this easy paced and social setting and end up 
                       with a beautiful work of art  to hang on a wall or give away as a present.
COST      The cost for each session is $ 45.00 for the 1.5 hour session and $55.00 for the 3 hour sessions. If you gather a group of 14 + ; your session is free. 
                        A trip fee is charged for travel and set up approx. ranging from 50.00 - 200.00 depending on group size and travel distance.

                       Your color palette. We provide the paint, brushes, canvas, easel, subject, instruction, aprons and clean up for you. You just relax 
                       and paint.

                        Select one of the sessions dedicated to children, great for birthday celebrations, parties, and school events. 

                        A Date to Paint will gratefully apply 10% of the gross proceeds from your event to a special interest group for fundraising purposes 
                        so bring your special interest party. More details available upon request. Discounts do not apply to this feature but stay tuned because we are working 
                        with other businesses in the community to maximize our fundraising events.

                        We can bring our business to your business to collaborate talents and service our mutual customers better so call us to discuss 
                        how we can help jazz up your retail store, restaurant, salon, community events and more! TRY US - PROVEN RESULTS!

1. Select a painting & palette

2. Book your session
3. Load your brush

4. Relax & start painting

We bring it all to you!

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"A Date to Paint " for updates, news and deals!