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All weekday sessions are from 6:00 to 7:30 and all Saturday sessions are from 
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You can set your own time by booking a full group of 8 or more

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" The Raven" How can we not have a painting for the Raven living so near Baltimore. Maybe a tribute to Edgar Allen Poe or the mighty Raven's football team.
Sailboat Painting - this is a 3 hour session painting and cost $55.00. You will learn how to paint water, reflections, fabric shading, foreshortening and curved shapes.
Beach Scene - This is a popular painting and good for painters of all levels. It is adult and child frieindly. Aloha!
Crabby Crab.
Dessert Scene. This painting takes a solid 2 hours due to drying times and some layering so it is a 50.00 fee for this painting. More time for fun and socializing.
Hummingbird feeding. Cheer up your day with this little beauty of a painting for all of you bird watchers.
Tahiti mountain scene - Let your inner Gaugin flow with this painting. This is a 1.5 hour session.
Fleur de lis - One of the oldest navigational and decorative symbols around. From St. Mary's to Europe - this is a terrific placard style painting. You can choose your colors - even metallic.
" A Glass of Wine" - BYO beverage and relax by painting a glass of wine with your favorite glass at your side. This painting will be pre-drawn for you and all you need to do is start painting>.1.5 hour session
Lillies in a pond. Smell the fragrance of those lilies floating on water. You will learn how to paint ovals, water and reflections in this 1.5 hour session.
"Iris" - this is a 3 hour painting session and is not included in the "Living Social" deal. The cost for this session is $55.00. You will learn how to paint various shapes, textures, advanced color blending, transparency and outlining techniques.
"Light Post". This is a fun 1.5 hour painting that will make you dizzy with pleasure. You will practice drawing lines, perspective and due to the unique angles on the buildings - you just can't go wrong with this one!
"Abstract Painting"  Rothko inspired. This painting can be painted in various colors. You can choose 4 colors of your choice to match your home decor. This painting comes with a brief lesson on the famous artist "Rothko" during the session to help get you into the mind of the original artist.
"Lighthouse"  A great  beginner painting and good for children as well as adults. Yes - you can paint red or blue  stripes if you like!
"4 Sailboats in a Race" This painting is one of the more simple sailboat paintings and can be easily accomplished in the 1.5 our session. You can relax to the music on this one!
"Louisiana Swamp Scene" This painting was inspired by a trip to the Louisiana wetlands and we did see a real alligator in the water so I added him into the painting. This is a 3 hour session & cost $55.00. You will learn how to paint sky, land and water 
( plus the alligator).
 "Cemetery Monument" This is a 3 hour session painting and is not included in the "Living Social" deal. The cost is $55.00 for this painting. You will learn how to use perspective,shadow, contrast color and more blending techniques in this session.
"Midnight in the Dessert " What a great painting for margaritas with salsa and chips to accompany an evening with friends and loved ones.
Abstract in yellow, green and gold. This is a great painting for having fun and socializing. You can alter the palette with 4 color choices and go with the flow on this one. I will show you the techniques needed and you just express yourself!
"Color Blocks"  inspired by Piet Mondrian himself -  this precision painting is good for painters of all levels. If you like order and color inside of the lines - then this is the painting for you. This 1.5 hr. session comes with a brief history of the artist himself. A great accessory for any home.
"Western Mountains in Fall" This is 3 hour session and is not included in the "Living Social" deal due to the amount of time required for blending the large color palette. The cost of the session is 55.00 and you will learn how to paint light/shadow and develop skills on blending and brush strokes .
" 6 Sailboats" A charming painting for all levels. This painting will teach basic color washes, brush strokes and reflections in the water. This is a good choice for children and adults.
Blue dog - originally painted by Rodrigue. Re-create this Cajun masterpiece.
" Crabby Crabs"  We love them crabs..... This painting will be pre-drawn for you and can simplified for the 1.5 hour session.
Paint Your Pet! Send a JPEG photo file of you pet a week prior to your session and our artist will pre-draw your photo  on canvas for you to start painting when you arrive at the studio. The cost of this 2 hour session is $55.00
"Gold Leaf Money Tree" - this is a simple and decorative addition to your home decor. Add a little 'gold" in your future!
The leaves are changing and the air is getting a bit more crisp. Paint this fall icon and place it over your Thanksgiving buffet!
Get into the holiday season and bring a group of friends to paint this decorative ornament painting. All you need to bring is the spiked egg nog!
Bring in the New Year or any other celebration with a burst of fire works! Fireworks over the bay!
Sip on a Latte while you paint a cup of this steaming brew! This painting works great in a breakfast or kitchen area!
"Penquins in the Snow". Great for children and adults. You can't help to fall in  love with these 3 little guys as you paint them.
Get your peace vibe on with this simple and fun painting. You can choose the colors!
Angel of protection. You can't help the feeling of tranquility overtake you when painting this free flowing Angel. You choose your own colors as an option.
Get you Feng Shui on with this seasonal canvas of the spring and fall season.
This is a combination of painting and a leaf stamp. It is a great Thanksgiving painting.
Click on one of the images to enlarge it and scroll the entire gallery to choose your painting !

What is paint your life? This is a free style painting session where you are provided the paint, canvas, easel, brushes and you just start painting. We have seen calendars, mountain scenes, pathways and all types of wonderful images emerge from this session! It is fun and can turn out differentley for every session.
What is paint your Pet? This is a special session for all of you pet lovers and people planning a fund raiser for any type of animal support group. You e-mail a favorite photo of your pet to us about a seek in advance of your scheduled session and our artist will draw a background for you  to start painting upon arrival to the studio. You can add creative features if you like. See what I painted on my little Doxie - Andre in a shopping bag. You can donate up to 5% of the proceeds to your animal charity if they are a registered not for profit. You will need to provide documentation which is readily available on most web sites for tax purposes.