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How this works:
  • Click on the Gallery page and select a painting of your choice. In our basic session, we all paint the same painting. Paintings are appropriate for all age groups.
  • Next, gather a group of friends, acquaintances or co-workers and book a reservation by e-mail. We will respond within one business day with a written confirmation.  A minimum of 8 people is required to make a group. Sometimes we can blend groups and make a bigger class; so check with us and we will let you know if we can make a larger group. A typical session can accommodate around 17 aspiring artist. Private lessons are available for 65.00 per hour and you can select your own subject matter and style. contact us for details.
  • ​To get the creative feeling flowing, we usually play classical music; however we can accommodate an iPod or cd's and play your favorite tunes for your party / event.
  • You will notice some of the  paintings were inspired by the master's. Each session provides not only instructions but a lesson in Art history for that particular artist.
What you will learn and walk away with:
  • You will learn how to manage a color palette, basic brush strokes, proportion techniques, color mixing, and many paintings include lessons in shading and blending.
  • Painting has been proven to reduce stress and help to balance the mind. We all support one another and the environment is extremely positive and social. 
  •  Artist have come to our session with more experience than other members in their group and asked if it is OK to "do their own thing". The answer is yes - this is your painting and your session so feel free to paint your own subject. You can blend any color palette from our paint selections.
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